What's New?

Kinder Institute's Houston Community Data Connections Program

Aug 2021

The Kinder HCDC team is happy to share several updates to our data dashboard that may be helpful to your work. 


First, we’ve updated all of our indicators that are derived from the American Community Survey (ACS) with 2019 data. ACS-based indicators comprise a large portion of the information that is available in the Kinder HCDC dashboard. For instance, the majority of our demographic, economic vitality, and education indicators come from ACS. With this in mind, if you’ve previously used ACS-derived indicators from our dashboard in your program materials and efforts, we encourage you to visit community profiles of interest and update relevant neighborhood statistics accordingly. 


We have also added a few resources and made several slight changes to the user interface of the dashboard. For example, on the indicator map page, we’ve provided a link to a mapping tool developed by the Census Bureau, which you can use to explore and visualize newly-released 2020 census data and understand population growth and demographic changes over the last ten years. 


Additionally, we’ve updated how users interface with featured data and research for select communities. You can find neighborhood-specific data from Kinder Institute research projects, collaborations, and/or partner organizations’ efforts under the ‘Featured Research’ tab in specific community profiles, along with links to our Kinder HCDC Resource Center and the Kinder Institute Interactive Research Gallery. We hope that these unique datasets and resources offer a more nuanced picture of the strengths, challenges and priorities of particular communities.