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Where Jobs Are Being Lost or At-Risk due to COVID-19 in Harris County, TX

Estimates on neighborhoods and industries most at risk

The neighborhoods hit hardest by COVID-19 related job losses are residential areas where workers in industries like hotel and food services are concentrated. To help identify those at-risk neighborhoods, we estimated how many jobs might have been lost or at risk by residents in each neighborhood in Harris County. Read more about this dashboard.

​Estimated Job Loss is also available at Zip Code level. Please contact Kinder HCDC for more information.

About the Data

To understand the employment impact of COVID-19, we applied the methodology developed by the Urban Institute to Harris County neighborhoods using the Texas Workforce Commission’s unemployment claims data for the weeks ending of March 21 to May 9 to examine the sudden jump in joblessness by industry at the local level. We will update our estimates every week with new Texas unemployment claims data. We used the community tabulation areas (CTAs) as the neighborhood boundaries. The CTAs developed by the Kinder Institute are designed to serve as approximations of neighborhoods, based specifically on census geographic boundaries, to facilitate the aggregation of census data to geographies larger than census tracts, but smaller than counties.

These numbers are estimates and may not be comparable to actual job loss/pay-cuts in each neighborhood. We highly recommend interpreting these results as relative job loss levels, which can be used to inform nonprofits, foundations, and government target support where it’s most needed.

For more information, please read our methodology note.

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