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Copyright & Acceptable Use

When using the information you found on the Kinder HCDC website and data on HCDC Dashboard and all other Kinder HCDC applications, please cite both the original source of the data and the fact that the data was compiled by The Kinder Institute’s Houston Community Data Connections. Suggested citations can be found on the FAQ page.


Please do not publicly republish data tables or entire web pages you find on this website without our permission. We regularly update the information on our site, and the copy you republished will age and become inaccurate since we cannot maintain it. If you are publishing a website, please link directly to the pages you are interested in AND inform the Kinder HCDC team. (We will notify republishers about the URL changes if there are any). If you publish something in print, please contact us for the best way to ensure that the data “ages well.” (This request does not apply to documents with small, limited audiences such as grant proposals.)

Please do not republish photographs from our website without receiving permission from the copyright–holder.

If you have questions about this policy, please email or


Acceptable use of this website

Visitors to the Kinder HCDC website are welcome to use the website for any lawful and ethical purpose. Using the web or mail server to relay unlawful, obscene, threatening, abusive, defamatory, or slanderous content, links, or computer programs is not authorized. The website is monitored for signs of unauthorized use. Any activity deemed to be unauthorized will be acted on appropriately by the Kinder Institute staff and our server hosting provider.

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